Upcoming Events

2020 ACT-M DGA Order of Merit Competition

  The DGA runs an Order-of-Merit Competition (OOM) each year.  This event has been running for four years now and is similar to the USA's FEDEX Cup, where individual players accumulate points from playing in selected events over the year. The ACT-Monaro Competition is...


JUN. 6’S INVIT. – Race – Cronulla – POSTPONED (3/4/20)

  3/4/20 -- POSTPONED for the time being. A new and exciting event for low, single-figure handicap, junior golfers, developed by Australian Golfer Ewan Porter.  Event started last year -- now expanded to include regional qualifying events, with one in the A.C.T., in a...


1. Josh Reid (RC)       23o points
2. Jake Davies (GL)     225
3. Jarrod Porter (Yass) 173
4. Steve Bracknell (Goul) 130
1. Gary Hibberson (GC) 150
2. Michael Alexsoski (Q) 150
3. Murray Ball (GC) 125
4. Jason Tripp (Q) 125