Update 1 – The following is an update on the activities and plans of each of the two sub-committees established following the 2019 DGA Golf Forum:

Junior Golf Sub-Committee

Members are Jim Jackson (District Captain), Gail Goiser (DGA Junior Golf Manager) and John Heggart (Committee Member).

  • The sub-committee has commenced discussions with some of the PGA golf professionals in the region with a view to determining their availability to deliver tuition at different locations across the district.
  • Following discussions with Cooma GC and Damon Welsford (Professional at RCGC), one possible model for a junior golfing program is under development and will be trialled at Cooma GC in the near future.  An outline of this program and an update on its suitability will be provided after delivery.
  • The sub-committee intends to engage with all district clubs in the near future with the intent of better understanding what junior programs clubs may currently deliver, what gaps they see in the attraction of juniors to golf and what support for junior golf initiatives they may look to the DGA to support going forward.


Advocacy sub-committee

The sub-committee comprises Les Wallace (Vice President) and Geoff Hine (Secretary/Treasurer).

The principal task of this sub-committee is to investigate how and in what capacity the DGA might best advocate for the sport and the golfing community.  For example:

  • Water infrastructure, access and affordability strategies are enduring challenges for golf clubs;
  • Dealing with government regulatory processes in regard to land use (including redevelopment and tenure) can involve complex legalities and lengthy consultations. 

The DGA Committee fully appreciates that our member clubs will wish to progress their own proposals in relation to specific matters, and there may also be opportunities for the District to assist and support such initiatives.

The sub-committee will consult with Clubs ACT and with every member club to discuss options for how the DGA might:

  • lend assistance and support to clubs in support of specific initiatives; and
  • advocate enhancements and related matters that go to the overall promotion and sustainability of golf within the region.

Additionally, the DGA will ensure that relevant research information, such as Impact Studies and other appropriate material, is made available (via the DGA website) to all clubs to utilise in support of their respective work.  In appropriate situations, the capabilities and services of Golf NSW should be considered also.

A copy of the 2019 DGA Forum Outcomes is available here (FORUM OUTCOMES)

A copy of the 2019 DGA Golf Forum slideshow is available here (SLIDESHOW)