These conditions are specific to A Grade Pennants and are to be read in conjunction with the 2020 Pennant Conditions: General Conditions applying to All Grades.

The Match Committee of the ACT Monaro District Golf Association reserves the right to alter or vary these Conditions at any time.

PLAYER ELIGIBILITY          Limit on A Grade Pennant player competing in other Pennant Divisions: A player who has played more than 2 individual matches in A Grade Division 1 during 2020 is not eligible to play in A Grade Division2 in 2020.


Finals will be played at neutral venues determined by the DGA between teams comprising 7 players. In the Div. 1 Final (only) matches will be played in pairs.


The top two teams at the conclusion of the preliminary rounds will play the Final, at a neutral venue. If necessary the count back arrangements for Pennant Table will be used to determine each Club’s respective position on the Table.

The winner of the Pennant will be the Team that secures the greater number of Individual Match Points in the Final.