Below is the Composite Program (as at 27th AUGUST 2019)



Start Date End Date Day(s) Event Type Event Venue
3Nov18 04-Nov-18 Sat-Sun
Fairbairn Open Completed
09-Nov-18 11-Nov-18 Fri-Sun CLUB Federal Open Completed
13-Nov-18 15-Nov-18 Tue-Thu NSW SOOM ACT Seniors Championship (National Order of Merit)  Completed
17-Nov-18   Sat CLUB Queanbeyan Cup Completed
18-Nov-18   Sunday CLUB&OOM RMC Open Completed
25-Nov-18   Sunday ACTM&OOM ACT-M District Championships (max 52 players) Completed
01-Dec-18   Saturday CLUB Yass 2-person Open Ambrose Completed
02-Dec-18   Sunday ACTM Snowy Mts Championships (after L’Etape Cycle event on Sat) Completed
02-Dec-18   Sunday ACTM Yass OPEN Completed
09-Dec-18   Sunday CLUB Yass Open Mixed Foursomes Completed
25-Dec-18   Tues Public Holiday Public Holiday   —  Christmas Day  
26-Dec-18   Wed Public Holiday Public Holiday  —  Boxing Day  


1-Jan-2019 Ongoing GOLFNSW GOLFNSW Men’s 4BBB Champs – Club qualifying starts CANCELLED BY GOLFNSW
1-Jan-2019 Tuesday Public Holiday – New Years Day
2-Jan-2019 4-Jan-2019 Wed-Fri CLUB&JNJG Harvey Norman Junior Week of Golf Federal – completed
8/1/2019TBC Mon CLUB RCGC Junior Summer 6’s (?8 clubs take part) cancelled
11-Jan-2019 Friday ACTM Junior & Colts Classic Yowani – completed
18-Jan-2019 20-Jan-2019 Fri-Sun CLUB&OOM 4BBB, Classic and Bowl Completed
27-Jan-2019 Sunday CLUB PGA VW Scramble Completed
2-Feb-2019 Saturday CLUB&OOM Queanbeyan Open Completed
3-Feb-2019 Ongoing Sundays ACTM Start of SUNDAYS Pennant season (not Seniors) most clubs
16-Feb-2019 17-Feb-2019 Sat-Sun CLUB Snowy Mountains Short Course Championships Completed
21-Feb-2019 Ongoing Thursdays ACTM Start of THURSDAYS Pennant season (Seniors only) Completed
1-Mar-2019 3-Mar-2019 Fri-Sun ALPG Women’s Classic (incl Junior event on Sunday) Royal Canberra -completed
7-Mar-2019 10-Mar-2019 Thur-Sun GOLFNSW Women’s NSW Open Queanbeyan-completed
10-Mar-2019 Sunday CLUB&OOM Crookwell Open Crookwell – completed
11-Mar-2019 Monday Public Holiday – Canberra Day
16-Mar-2019 Saturday CLUB 4-Person Open Ambrose completed
6-Apr-2019 Saturday CLUB Coolamatong Charity Shoot-Out completed
19-Apr-2019 22-Apr-2019 Fri-Mon Public Holidays — Easter
12-Apr-2019 Fri CLUB MCC Pro-Am completed
19-Apr-2019 22-Apr-2019 Fri-Sun CLUB&OOM —


RCGC Easter Event — CANCELLED Royal Canberra
25-Apr-2019 Thurs Public Holiday – Anzac Day
March-April Thursday ACTM SEMI FINALS Senior Pennants Completed
March-April Sunday ACTM SEMI FINALS Pennants Completed
March-April Thursday ACTM FINALS Senior Pennants Completed
March-April Sunday ACTM FINALS Pennants Completed
28-Apr-2019 Sunday CLUB&OOM Braidwood Open Cancelled
4-May-2019 5-May-2019 Sat-Sun CLUB&OOM Murrumbidgee Open  completed
5-May-2019 Sunday CLUB 41st Annual Colts and Junior Open (with sub junior event)  completed
19-May-2019 Sunday CLUB&OOM Bombala Open completed
27-May-2019 Mon Public Holiday – Reconcilliation Day
1-Jun-2019 2-Jun-2019 Sat-Sun CLUB&OOM Yowani Open completed
10-Jun-2019 Monday Public Holiday – Queens Birthday
15-Jul-2019 18-Jul-2019 Mon-Thu ACTM JULY Junior Week of Golf (4 day event) MCC, Belconnen, Yass, Federal


25-Aug-2019 Sunday am ACTM DGA Captain’s Meeting (B/F, Meeting) RC HELD
1-Sep-2019 Sunday CLUB Junior Classic Gungahlin Lakes cancelled
14-Sep-2019 15-Sep-2019 Sat-Sun ACTM Interdistrict Challenge ACT-Monaro v Newcastle Yowani – completed won by ACTM
21-Sep-2019 Saturday ACTM District Sand Greens Championship Delegate – completed
22-Sep-2019 Sunday CLUB Charity Par 3 Event Coolamatong
21-Sep-2019 22-Sep-2019 Sat-Sun CLUB&OOM Gungahlin Lakes Men’s Open (incl. GolfNSW SOOM) Gungahlin Lakes – completed
29-Sep-2019 Sunday ACTM DGA Forum preceding AGM (B/F, Meeting) Federal
5-Oct-2019 7-Oct-2019 Sat-Mon CLUB Gungahlin Lakes Spring Classic (3-day long w/e S/F) Gungahlin Lakes
7-Oct-2019 Mon Public Holiday – Labor Day
8-Oct-2019 11-Oct-2019 Tues-Fri ACTM SPRING Junior Week of Golf (4-day event) Gun L, Fairb, Yowani, Queanbeyan
12-Oct-2019 13-Oct-2019 Sat-Sun CLUB&OOM BELCONNEN OPEN Belconnen
12-Oct-2019 13-Oct-2019 Sat-Sun CLUB Ladies Open & Mens 4BBB (Sat), Mens Open (Sun) Delegate
19-Oct-2019 Saturday CLUB Coolamatong Men’s Open 4BBB Coolamatong


19-Oct-2019 20-Oct-2019 Sat-Sun CLUB ACT 2-person AMBROSE Gold Creek
20-Oct-2019 Sunday CLUB&OOM Coolamatong Men’s Open Single Stroke Coolamatong
24-Oct-2019 25-Oct-2019 Thur-Fri CLUB Yowani-Federal Senior Classic Yow/Fed
26-Oct-2019 27-Oct-2019 Sat-Sun CLUB&OOM Cooma Open Cooma
2-Nov-2019 3-Nov-2019 Sat-Sun CLUB&OOM Fairbairn Open Fairbairn
2-Nov-2019 3-Nov-2019 Sat-Sun GOLFNSW NSW Country Championships & Inter-District Teams Bathurst
8-Nov-2019 10-Nov-2019 Fri-Sun CLUB/GA/NSW Federal Open Federal
12-Nov-2019 14-Nov-2019 Tue-Thu NSW SOOM ACT Seniors Championship (Nat. Order Merit) Queanb, Gold Creek, Federal
16-Nov-2019 Sat CLUB Queanbeyan Cup Queanbeyan
17-Nov-2019 Sunday CLUB&OOM RMC Open RMC
29-Sep-2019 Sat CLUB&OOM Goulburn Cup Goulburn – moved from Nov
30-Nov-2019 Saturday CLUB Yass 2-person Open Ambrose Yass
7-8 Dec-2019 Sat-Sun CLUB COOLAMATONG FESTIVAL of GOLF and Snowy Mts. Champs (with L’Etape Cycle event on Sat) Coolamatong
8-Dec-2019 Sunday CLUB Yass OPEN Mixed Foursomes  Yass


Wed Public Holiday — Christmas Day