Last week a team of two Australian Boys and two Australian girl’s competed in The Pearl Junior Open and the Oahu Junior Golf Association (OJGA), in Hawaii, as part of a JNJG team. Three of the team were from the ACT region. The highlight was David Howard’s (tallest in photo) win in the OJGA Junior Open. Like a number of other ACT Juniors, David is a member of several clubs — due to lots of benefits and relatively cheap Junior fees.  He spent several of his formative years at Belconnen Magpies, but is now also a member of Federal and Gungahlin Lakes Golf Clubs.

This was his first international win and builds on Adam Thorps amazing performance a few weeks ago in the USA . David’s teammate, Adam Coull (The Lakes Golf Club), played in the final group with him.
The girls also performed very well with Isabelle Hawes (Royal Canberra) securing second place in The Pearl Junior and 4th place at the OJGA Junior Open. Amber Thornton (taller of the two girls in photo) (Queanbeyan) finished second at Hawaii Prince and 4th at The Pearl Junior.
The team manager was Sue Harrison (Jack Newton Junior Golf Territory Manager and CSGA – Central Southern Golf Association JPO).

So, one could suggest that some of the Professionals at the Clubs in the District — eg Jonathan Hickman at Magpies and Mike Cough, Jason Pavese and Damon Welsford at Federal are doing something right with the junior boys in their Junior coaching Programs.  Not to forget Warren Coulson at Gungahlin Lakes who has been responsible for developing some of the elite junior boys over the past few years in his role as the ACT’s State Coach.  

Other ex- ACTM juniors boys doing well include Ryan Ruffels (Canadian and South American Pro Tours), Josh Armstrong (leading Amateur) and Jake Davies (NSW Country Champion).  Several others are currently undertaking College Scholarships in the USA.

I’m not so sure who is responsible for honing the girl’s skills, but Isabelle has been a member at Royal for many years – they have several top coaches and I’m sure that Amber must have gained a lot from Jake and Matt at Queanbeyan.