The B Grade Handicap pennants competition has been played in the ACT Monaro District since 1959.

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  • Conditions of play specific to this grade can be found here.
  • General conditions of play can be found here.
  • History of winners of B Grade Handicap Pennants can be found here.
  • Final tables and Results 2017

Leaderboard for B Grade Handicap Pennants Division 1 is here.

Leaderboard for B Grade Handicap Pennants Division 2 is here.


Draw for 2018 B Grade Handicap Pennants (Venues for each Round in Red)

  Division  One Division   Two
  09:30 YASS v GOLD   11:15 RMC V FAIRB
11-Feb   10:00 BEL v MCC   11:45 CO/CO V GUNL
    10:30 CROOK v YOW1   12:15 YOW2 V QUEAN
      GOUL v BYE     FED V BYE
    11:30 YOW1 v GOUL   11:33 CO/CO V RMC
18-Feb   12:00 MCC v CROOK   11:54 YOW2 V FAIRB
    12:30 GOLD v BEL   12:15 FED V GUNL
      YASS v BYE     QUEAN V BYE
    10:30 BEL v GOUL   11:00 FAIRB V GUNL
25-Feb   11:00 YASS v YOW1   11:30 RMC V QUEAN
    11:30 GOLD v MCC   12:00 CO/CO V FED
      CROOK v BYE   12:30 YOW2 V BYE
    11:00 CROOK v BELC   09:30 FED V YOW2
04-Mar   11:30 GOUL v YASS   10:00 QUEAN V CO/CO
    12:00 YOW1 v GOLD   10:30 GUNL V RMC
      MCC v BYE     FAIRB V BYE
    10:00 GOUL v CROOK   10:40 QUEAN V FED
11-Mar   10:30 YOW1 v BEL   11:10 GUNL V YOW2
    11:00 MCC v YASS   11:40 FAIRB V CO/CO
    11:30 GOLD v BYE     RMC V BYE
    11:00 BELC v YASS   10:30 GUNL V QUEAN
18-Mar   11:30 CROOK v GOLD   11:00 FAIRB V FED
    12:00 GOUL v MCC   11:30 RMC V YOW2
    12:30 YOW1 v BYE     COOLAM V BYE
    08:30 MCC v YOW1   11:40 YOW2 V CO/CO
25-Mar   09:00 GOLD v GOUL   12:04 FED V RMC
    09:30 YASS v CROOK   12:28 QUEAN V FAIRB
      BEL v BYE     GUNL V BYE
01-Apr  Easter  
08-Apr Semi-Finals  
15-Apr Finals