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◊ 2017 THURSDAYS PENNANT PROGRAM — all divisions — click here ‘final’ version 5/12/2016

 ◊ 2017 CONDITIONS OF PLAY  — based on 2016 Conditions, but with minor changes, so please use these NOT last years:

GENERAL CONDITIONS ALL GRADES……… click here    note: I have added a minor addition on 10/1/2017 to include new local role on “accidental movement of ball on green”.

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PENNANT PROGRAM 2016 (below here)


A GRADE: RCGC defeated YOWANI 5-2

for winning team photo click here

A RESERVE: RCGC defeated MCC 5.5-1.5


for winning team photo click here



for winning team photo click here

SEM MAST SCR: RCGC defeated FED 4-3


for winning team photo click here



Click here to see results and tables for Sunday Pennants.

Click here to see results and tables for Senior Masters Pennants.


SUNDAY PENNANT PROGRAM — revised on 25th February 2016 click here for new pdf

THURSDAY PENNANT PROGRAM click here for pdf: click here for  html


— REVISED VERSION- re heat conditions-  4/2/2016 click here


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—————————————————————————below here: information from previous pennant years


Congratulations to Royal Canberra who defeated Federal 5½ matches to 1½ in the A Grade Pennant.

Congratulations to Yass who defeated Gungahlin Lakes 4 matches to 3 in A Reserve Pennant.

Congratulations to Yass who defeated Belconnen 4½ matches to 2½ in the B Scratch Pennant.

Congratulations to Goulburn(2) who defeated Tully Park 4½ matches to 2½ in the B Handicap Pennant.

Congratulations to Queanbeyan who defeated Federal 4 matches to 3 in the Senior Masters Scratch Pennant.

Congratulations also to Yass who defeated Briadwood 5½ matches to 1½ in the Senior Masters Handicap Pennant.

Congratulations to the combined Gungahlin Lakes and Yowani Junior Team that defeated Yowani Junior Team 4 to 3 matches in the Pennant Final


Finals & Semi Finals (as at 29th March). Please click here.

Updated Weekend Pennant tables after Round 7 (15th Mar). Please click here

Senior Masters Scratch and Handicap tables after Round 7 (12th Mar). Please click here.

Draw and tee times for 2015 pennant program for all grades, correct at 30TH January 2015 Please note latest draw for Juniors!

A grade, click here.Please note change of venue for 1st March. Correct at 17th Feb 2015.

A Reserve, click here.

B Scratch, click here.

B Handicap, click here

Juniors, click here

Senior Masters Scratch, click here.  Senior Masters Handicap, click here. Senior Scratch changed draw on 16th December.

2015 Conditions for all grades, click here.

2015 Conditions for A & A reserve, click here

2015 Conditions for B Scratch, click here

2015 Conditions for B Handicap, click here

2015 Conditions for Juniors, click here

2015 Conditions for Senior Masters ( both grades ), click here



A Grade Final played at Gold Creek 13th April, 2014 Royal Canberra def. Federal 4-3

A Reserve Final played @ Gold Creek: Royal Canberra def. Federal 5-2

B Scratch Final played @ Royal Canberra: Murrumbidgee def. Gungahlin Lakes 5-2

Handicap Final played @ Federal: Tully Park Early Birds def. RMC 4-3

Encourage Shield Final @ RMC: Yowani def. Federal 5-2

Senior finals, Thursday 10th April:-

Senior Scratch – Royal defeated Murrumbidgee 5 to 2

Senior Handicap – Royal defeated Capital (2) 4 to 3

Junior Final: Royal Canberra def. Gungahlin Lakes 4.5 to 2.5 @ Capital on Sunday 30th March.

Semi Final Results of Contests played Sunday 6th April:

A Grade:Royal Canberra def Goulburn 5.5-1.5 @ FederalA Grade:Federal def Yowani 6-1 @ Goulburn A Reserve: Federal def Gold Creek (2) 6-1 @ Queanbeyan A Reserve: Royal Canberra def Yowani 4.5-2.5 @ Queanbeyan B Scratch: Gungahlin def Federal 4.5-2.5 @ Capital B Scratch: Murrumbidgee def Belconnen 4-3 @ Capital Handicap: Tully Park def Yass @ Goulburn Handicap: RMC def Federal 6.5-.5 @ Belconnen Encourage: Yowani def Tully Park 5-2 @ Gungahlin Lakes Encourage: Federal def Yass 4-3 @Gungahlin Lakes

Senior Masters Scratch Semi Finals played at Gungahlin Lakes on Thursday 3rd April:

Royal Canberra GC def Yowani CC 6-1 Murrumbidgee CC def Federal GC 4-3

Senior Masters Handicap Semi Finals played at Yowani on Thursday 3rd April:

Royal Canberra GC def Braidwood GC 6-1 Capital (2) GC def Federal GC 5-2

All Home & Away Pennant contests completed on Sunday 30th March. Click here for tables for all pennants.

All Contest Results for all Pennants now located here.

Senior Masters Scratch Pennant (Round 7) now complete as is Senior Masters Handicap Pennant (Round 6). Click here for tables of both Scratch and Handicap Pennants.

Pennant draw for all grades, click here.

Draw correct as at 7th February 2014 with latest draw for A Reserve due to Cooma withdrawal and change of date for Royal v Murrumbidgee do to Murrumbidgee pro-am

Pennant Conditions for 2014, click here. A and A Reserve, click here

Pennant Conditions for B Scratch, click here, Handicap, click here. Please note – B Scratch date for handicap calculation is at 20th January 2014.

Pennant conditions Senior Masters, click here.

Pennant conditions Junior & Junior encourage, click here.




Congratulations to all the pennant winners for 2013.

Royal wins A grade pennant.

Congratulations to Royal Canberra defeating Goulburn 4 to 2 at Federal

A reserve was won by Queanbeyan, defeating Gungahlin lakes 4 to 2

B Scratch won by Gungahlin lakes, defeating Yowani 5 to 1

Handicap won by Queanbeyan, defeating Yowani 4 1/2 to 1 1/2

Junior Encourage won by magpies Belconnen, defeating Yass


Junior pennant final, Queanbeyan defeated Fairbairn

Senior results after Finals, 4th April, click here

Congratulations to Royal Canberra who defeated Gold Creek 3 1/2 to 3 in the Senior Masters Scratch final on Thursday 4th April at Yowani.

Congratulations also to Yowani(1) who defeated Capital(2) 3 1/2 to 3 in the Senior Masters Handicap final on Thursday 4th April at Queanbeyan.


 A Grade list of pennant winners, click here,1972 – 2013.

A Reserve list of pennant winners, click here, 1983 – 2013.

B Scratch pennant winners, click here, 2005 – 2013

B Handicap pennant winners, click here, 1959 – 2013

Senior Scratch pennant winners, click here, 1998 – 2013

Senior Handicap.

Junior pennant winners, click here, 1966 – 2013.

Junior Encourage pennant winners, click here, 1982 – 2013.


   Qeanbeyan Junior pennant team – winners 2013

Queanbeyan Junior Pennant 2013 Left to right   Kris Cole, James Donnellan, Lachlan Wall, Lachlan Tisma (c), Jake Jackson, James Brown Junior pennant last won by Queanbeyan in 1994

Yowani Senior Masters pennant team – winners 2013

Yowani Senior H/cap 2013 Michael Brideson, Peter Vitneck, Brad Tepper, Brien Armstrong, Dave Harris (c), Neville Hewett, other members not present, Chris Tomkins, Warren Flanagan, Tony Ross, Geoff Besgrove.


2012 Pennant Winners PHOTOS

Senior Masters (Handicap) Pennant Winners 2012

2012 Senior Handicap Champions Braidwood Golf Club –L to R – Mike Fitzgerald, Rod Coady, Rodney Royds, Frank Williams (Capt), Phil O’Toole, David Jones, Brendan Booker, David Goddard. Absent; Mark Newman, Les Hart

2011 Pennant Winners PHOTOS

A Reserve Pennant Winners 2011

Encourage Shield Pennant Winners 2011

2011 A Reserve Champions

L to R Gary Urquhart, Steve Wyatt, Daryl Bell, Ross Rees, Dean Cartwright, Brian Kelly, Rob Hamilton.

Absent: Rob Amos, Glen Lloyd, Nick Taylor, Josh Faganello, Sam Page, Matt Hengge.

2011 Encourage Shield Champions

L to R Luke Powell, Keith Rudd, Charelle Leefe, Jaryd Larter, Eleanor

Bance, Jordan Sinclair, Callum Williams



B Grade (Handicap) Pennant Winners 2011

A Grade Pennant Winners 2011

Braidwood—Winning 2011 B Grade Handicap Pennant Team

Back row L to R – Damien Campbell-Davys, Frank Williams, Brendan Booker, Barry Osmond, Keith Morgan. Kneeling; Rob Dillon (Capt), Peter Young.

2011 A Grade Champions

L/R Barry McEntee (Sponsor) ,Michael Gerstenberg, Col Lamb, Luke Bartlett, Digga Gann (Manager), Jono Gann (Capt), Luke Humphries ,Stu Weatherstone ,David Laurie.

Absent Jake Mitchell, Gary Worboys


Senior Masters (Handicap) Pennant Winners 2011

B Grade (Scratch) Pennant Winners 2011

Capital Senior Masters Champions

Front Row: Kevin Ziebell, Ian O’Donnell, Paul Levier, Les Craig

Back Row: Karl Jung, John Tye, Gary Fitzpatrick, Ray Wright, Chris Davison

Capital B Grade Scratch Champions

Front row: Brad Jones; Brad Jones; Gary Fitzpatrick

Back row:Chris Dunstone; Luke Strachan; Lee Van Der Vlist



Junior Pennant Winners 2011


Gold Creek Junior Champions

Wayne Butler (Manager), Nathan Rees, Ben Zerial, Josh Faganello, Tom Armstrong, James Gordon

Front: Charlie Pilon, Josh Armstrong

Absent: Johnathon Butler



2010 Pennant Winners PHOTOS

A Grade Pennant Winners 2010

A Reserve Pennant Winners 2010

2010 A Grade Champions

L to R – S. Harris, R. Amos, R. Verco, S. Fogg, A. Robinson, N. Headland, D. Armstrong, G. Lloyd, M. Gerstenberg, D. Bell.

Absent – R. Hamilton, G. Urquhart, D. Cartwright.

2010 A Reserve Champions

L to R – R. Rees, D. Cartwright, S. Wyatt, R. Hope, B. Kelly, D. Bell,G. Lloyd, R. Hamilton.

Absent – N. Harrison, D. Gray, D. Hill, P. Ferreira, M.Stevens.


B Grade Pennant Winners 2010

Encourage Shield Pennant Winners 2010

Braidwood Gold Club—Winning 2010 B Grade Pennant Team L to R – Barry Osmond, Keith North (busdriver and caddy) Rob Beuzville, Brendan Booker, Patrick Martin (kneeling), Peter Young, Rob Dillon (Capt) Keith Morgan, Gordon Pyne (kneeling), Frank Williams. 2010 Encourage Shield Champions L to R – J. Faganello, B. Duffy, J. Kibukamusoke, P. Ferreira, J, Armstrong, B. Zerial, J. Farrugia, N. Rees. Absent – L. Hope


Senior Masters Pennant Winners 2010

Vikings Capital Golf Club—Winning 2010 Senior Master Pennant Team—Capital defeated Federal 4 ½–3.

Front Row: Michael Timbs, Kevin Ziebell, Ian O’Donnell, Paul Levier and Terry McDonald.

Back: Chris Davison, Ray Wright and John Tye.



2009 Pennant Winners PHOTOS

Gold Creek Country Club –

Winners of the A Grade Pennant 2009                   2009 A Reserve Grade Winners


The victorious Gungahlin Lakes Encourage Shield Team

Gungahlin Lakes defeated Yass 3.5 to 2 matches at Gold Creek

2008 Pennant Winners PHOTOS

The victorious Yowani Country Club Junior pennant team

The victorious Yowani Country Club Junior pennant team which defeated Gungahlin Lakes Golf Club 4 to 1.5 in the final played recently. The team members front left to right: Myles Emery, Andrew Seal, Lucas Dambrosio, Kacper Gancarz, Tom Rowe (Captain), Sam Kim, Andrew Mills and Ken Norris.