Junior Pennants Conditions of Play

These conditions are specific to the now combined Junior and Encourage Junior Pennant and are to be read in conjunction with the 2017 Pennant Conditions: General conditions all Grades. The Match Committee of the ACT Monaro District Golf Association reserves the right to alter or vary these Conditions at any time.


Host clubs should appreciate that the Junior Pennant Division is likely to contain players of varying ages and a wide range of golfing abilities. They should therefore err on the side of conservatism when setting up courses for these contests. When possible, it would be appreciated if courses could be set up so that boys play off “easy blue or white tees” and girls play off “easy red tees”. During matches if the girls red tees are behind the boy’s tees, the girls should play off the shorter tee.


All team members will play off their GA handicap adjusted by the course slope rating. All players will play in strict increasing daily handicap order. (i.e. lowest handicap plays at number 1, second lowest at number 2, etc). Players with the same daily handicap can play in any order. Teams will hit off in reverse order to the Team list i.e. number 6 player(s) first and number 1 player(s) last.



Male and female players are eligible to play in Junior Pennant provided the player is under the age of 18 years on the first day the Season commences (5th February 2017).  Special Rule: A club that has excess players in any round may loan those players to another club for that round, if this club is short of players on the day. The purpose of this clause is to get as many junior players as possible playing pennant.



A maximum GA handicap limit of 36 for boys and 45 for girls will apply, even after adjustment for the Slope Rating o the course buy cheap revia being played. Allocation of handicap strokes in Handicap Match Play the order of holes at which handicap strokes are to be given or received shall be in accordance with the Member’s or Men’s Match Play Index as applicable on the Score Card of the Host Club (even if girls are playing). Girls playing against boys (this follows GolfNSW and JNJG guidelines): A girl’s handicap is calculated using the formula:  Girl’s Match Handicap = Women’s Australian Handicap + (AWCR – AMCR). For instance, if a girl’s handicap is 20, the Host Club’s Course AWCR is 74 and the AMCR is 70 the calculation is: 20 + (74 –70) = 24.



In all Semi Finals and Grand Finals the winner of the Contest is the Team that secures the greater number of Individual Match Points. In these events, teams will consist of 7 players and matches will be played out until a clear result is achieved (i.e. there are no drawn contests). Where these Conditions require a Handicap Match Play match that ends all square after 18 holes to continue the play-off should start at the hole where the match began (i.e. the 1st hole) and handicap strokes should be allowed as in the prescribed round until one player wins a hole. However, the Captains of both Teams may agree that a Match shall terminate without further play, if the Team Contest result has been decided  The top four teams at the conclusion of the preliminary rounds will play the semi finals.

If necessary the count back arrangements for Pennant Table will be used to determine each Club’s respective position on the Table.

• Semi-Final A: Team1 versus Team 4

• Semi-Final No B: Team 2 versus Team 3 The winners of the Semi-Finals will play in the Final.


In the spirit of the well-being of our juniors, the following rule regarding extreme heat will apply:  If, at 18:00 hours on the day before a Junior Pennant match is scheduled, the Bureau of Meteorology forecasts a maximum temp of 36C(or higher) on the following day, all junior fixtures are cancelled.

Neither Contest nor Match Points will be awarded.