These Conditions are to be read in conjunction with the supplementary conditions issued for each particular grade (separate).

The ACT Monaro District Golf Association Pennants are governed by the Match Committee of the ACT Monaro District Golf Association, and in these Conditions, where the word “DGA Match Committee” is used it means the Match Committee of the ACT Monaro District Golf Association.

Any decision on Rules, required during play of the preliminary rounds, will be given by the Match Committee of the host club, and any decision so given will be final. The playing of all semi-finals and finals will be administered by the ACT Monaro DGA together with a nominee of the host club as necessary.

The Match Committee of the ACT Monaro District Golf Association reserves the right to alter or vary these Conditions at any time.

Payment of the appropriate Pennant team entry fees ($44 per team, includes GST) to the Sec/Treasurer of the DGA, prior to the start of the season, would be appreciated.



Contests between clubs will be played on dates fixed by the DGA Match Committee, but

–        the dates of the contests may be altered by the DGA Match Committee; and

–        in the event of any club refusing or neglecting to play on the dates fixed, the club will be deemed to have forfeited the contest.

The full Pennant program with venues, dates, and tee times has been sent to the Captains of all Clubs. It will also be available on www.actgolf.com.au Home page — Pennant, in early 2020.



Buffer Zones. For all Pennant competitions, clubs should allow a generous buffer to ensure that members and Pennant players can maintain an appropriate pace of play on the day. It is also suggested that the club competition on the day when hosting be a Par or Stableford event to promote minimal round times.

Course Set-up. It is expected that each club involved in Pennant competition will present its course in a condition of the high standard that Pennant golf deserves.  The host club is responsible for the setting of tees for Pennant matches. The teeing area should be set-up appropriately for the Pennant grades that are playing on that day. A-Grade players could expect to play off the blue (or “longer”) tees, whereas senior or junior players could be expected to play off shorter tees (e.g. short blues, whites). Females competing in Junior Pennant will use the women’s (red) tees as set by the host club on the day.  However, if the girls red tees are behind the boy’s tees, the girls should play off the shorter tee.

Provision of Match Committee during Preliminary Rounds. During the preliminary rounds it is the responsibility of the host club to appoint at least one person to act as the Match Committee for the entire period of play. No member of the host club who is playing or acting as a caddie shall make or take part in making a decision. The host club is also responsible for bringing to the DGA Match Committee’s attention any breaches of these Conditions. The host club’s Match Committee can determine any matter within their designated responsibilities:

• Ensuring that matches commence on time and remain on time;

• Monitoring slow play (and issuing penalties as required);

• Adjudicating on any Rule of Golf, or these Pennant Conditions.



The competitions between teams will be known as Contests. All Contests will be played under the Rules of the R&A and Local Rules in force at the Host Club and in accordance with these Conditions.

Exception: players will NOT be able to avail themselves of the Alternative to Stroke and Distance for a suspected lost ball or out of bounds ball (Model Local Rule E-5) even if the Club has a local rule providing for this in their normal club competitions.

Each contest shall comprise of individual matches as outlined below played over 18 holes of Match Play

Exception: If an individual match is square after 18 holes, the match shall be declared halved, except in all semi- and final matches where play shall continue until one player wins a hole. However, the captains of both teams may agree that a match shall terminate without further play, if the team contest result has already been decided.



Pennant Teams will comprise 6 players in preliminary rounds and 7 players in semi- and final matches.



The honour shall be decided by the toss of a coin between representatives of the competing clubs. Teams will hit off in reverse order to the Team list (i.e. No 6 player first and No 1 player last). All matches will be played in groups of 4 players (2 teams).

Exception: A Grade Final where play will be in pairs.



Tee times are organised by the DGA Captain and clubs prior to the start of the season. Copies of the final program for all divisions were sent to all clubs competing on 1/12/2019.  The program for each division will also be shown on www.actgolf.com.au under that divisions.  Due to unusual circumstances, changes may be made to tee times, these will be sent to the clubs involved and also posted to the web site.

All play should commence from the 1st tee, unless otherwise approved by the DGA.



General. A player taking part in the Pennant competition must be an amateur golfer and a bona-fide member of the club he represents. A bona-fide member will generally be one who is eligible to participate in the club championships of the club he is representing. In general, no player may represent more than one club in any division of Pennant during the Pennant season. Further, where a club has more than one team in a division, a member of one team is ineligible to play in the other team.

Exceptions to the above:

  1. A player may play for one club in the Thursday Pennant program and a different club in the Sunday Pennant program, as long as he is a member of both clubs;
  2. A player may represent a club in Southern Pennants and a different club in these Pennants as long as he is a bona-fide member of both clubs;
  3. A 5-day member who may not be eligible to play in their club championships is eligible to play in the Thursday Pennant program.

Male golfers with an official GA handicap are eligible to play in any grade, subject to the requirements of individual grades. Female golfers with an official GA handicap are only eligible to play in Junior Pennant as long as they meet the age requirement.

Finals. To be eligible to play in a semi-final or final, a player must have played at least one game for that team in the preliminary rounds.



Any person not part of the Team on the day of the Contest may act as a caddie. When playing in fours, players are reminded that fellow team members are NOT golf partners. A player must not have a fellow team member act as his or her caddie during the round, even if the fellow team members has completed his or her individual match.

Penalty – general penalty for each hole during which he or she is helped by such a caddie.

Caddies are permitted to use transportation provided: 1) The player does not accept a ride at any time; and 2) The player does not accept advice from any other person travelling with the caddie.



A player who has completed his or her individual match must cease playing immediately and may not play any additional holes.



Players are not permitted to practice on the course on the day of competition prior to commencement of their match. During play, practice is permitted in accordance with Rule 5.5.

Penalty – Breach of this Condition will be forfeiture of the individual match by the player(s) breaching the rule.



The captain or manager of each team shall advise the official representative of the host club and the opposing club the names of the players in playing order at least ten (10) minutes before the nominated starting time (i.e. provide a team sheet). A blank copy of the official team and results sheet can be found on the actgolf website.  If a Club is unable to submit a full team, the opposing captain or manager must be notified that the team shall consist of a certain number of players, who must play in descending order from number one position. The Team will forfeit last place, or places, not represented.

Teams playing in handicap pennant divisions are reminded that players must be listed in ascending playing handicap order i.e. the lowest handicapped player plays at number 1, the highest handicapped player plays at number 6 (or 7 in the final rounds).  Team members with the same playing handicap can play in any order.

Penalty: matches of players playing out of handicap order will be forfeited to the opponent

Team Forfeits.

If a club forfeits a round, the opposing team is awarded full points and a 6-0 contest score.

Where a club fails to field a full team in a contest the DGA Match Committee may request an explanation for such an occurrence. Should the explanation be unsatisfactory the DGA Match Committee may impose an appropriate penalty on the club. Such penalty may include a monetary fine or loss of competition points or both.

Player arrives late or fails to appear.  If after the names of the teams has been handed in, a player arrives late, fails to appear, or is unfit or otherwise unable to play, Rule 5.3 of the Rules of Golf applies:
  • If the player is ready to play at the point when, in the opinion of the official, his/her group is able to start their round (which may have been delayed for unrelated reasons – say, slow play of earlier groups), no penalty applies.
  • In the absence of exceptional circumstances:
    • If the player is ready to play no more than 5 minutes after that point in time, the player loses the first hole of his/her match.  If both the player and his/her opponent are late by no more than 5 minutes (irrespective of which player arrives first), both players incur a loss of hole penalty for the first hole and that hole is tied.  In either case, there is no penalty if the players play the first hole to get to the 2nd tee.
    • If the player is not ready to play within 5 minutes, or fails to appear, he/she is disqualified and the match points for that match shall be awarded to their opponent. 



The team that secures the greater number of individual match points is the winner of the contest. Two Pennant table points are allocated for each contest win during the preliminary rounds. One Pennant table point is allocated to each club for a drawn contest.   Individual match points — one individual match point is allocated for each individual match won by a player. Half (1/2) an individual match point is allocated for each drawn match.



The following count-back arrangements will apply to all divisions of Pennant in determining relative positions on the Pennant table to play in the finals. In the event of two or more clubs having an equal number of Pennant table points, then the club having the highest number of individual match points shall be the higher placed club on the Pennant cable. In the event of a further tie, then the club which achieved the higher number of individual match points in the contest(s) between the tied clubs shall be the higher placed club on the Pennant table. In the event of a further tie, or the clubs did not play against each other during the Pennant season, then the club winning the highest number of individual matches at the No 1 position throughout the season shall be the higher placed team on the Pennant table. In the event of two clubs still being unable to be separated, the previous paragraph will be applied to the matches at the No 2 position and down the order until the clubs can be separated. If the clubs can’t be separated at any point, then the matter will be referred to the DGA match committee for a decision.



The ACT Monaro DGA Match Committee and host club Match Committees have a mutual interest in ensuring Pennant fixtures are achieving an acceptable pace of play.

Each match is expected to keep up with the match preceding it on the course. All players must play without undue delay and in accordance with any pace of play guidelines that the Match Committee of the day may establish.

The Match Committee of the day may apply penalties under Rule 5.6 for undue delays or slow play, which could include loss of hole or disqualification.



EXTREME HEAT. All Pennant matches for a particular round will be cancelled if the Bureau of Meteorology forecast for Canberra at 6pm on the day before a match is for a maximum temperature of 38C or more on the day of the match (but see variation for juniors).  If this situation occurs in the preliminary rounds, all clubs (except those with a bye) will be awarded a drawn result (1 point and 3 games each).

OTHER SITUATIONS. Every effort should be made to play the contest on the scheduled day, even if it is necessary to delay the commencement of play, or temporarily suspend play, because of inclement weather.  Play should not be cancelled for the day until such time as it would not be possible for the last match to be concluded on that day. The decision on this matter rests with the designated Match Committee of the host club for preliminary rounds and with the DGA Match Committee during any quarter-, semi-, or final matches.

Course conditions, remaining time available and player safety should all be taken into account when considering whether to continue, suspend or cancel play for the day.

Play can only be null and void in a stroke play competition.

If resumption of play is not possible the matter will be referred to the DGA Match Committee that will determine the action to be taken.   However, if a team has secured sufficient individual match points to win the Contest that team shall be awarded two Pennant table points. If neither team secured the advantage both teams shall be awarded one Pennant table point and any individual match points based on completed individual matches. Unfinished matches will be designated as drawn matches.

In the event of a contest being cancelled before play commences, each team will be allocated one Pennant table point and 3 individual match points.



Players will not be permitted to ride in, or on, any form of automotive locomotion, during the play of a hole.

Exception 1: In the case of physically impaired players on receipt of the following:

a) Letter from a Medical Practitioner specifying — i) the disability with which the player is affected, and  ii) the Medical Practitioner’s opinion that the disability necessitates the player requiring the use of automotive locomotion in order to participate in the competition;

b) In the case of a permanent disability a letter from the player’s Club, confirming that the player does not participate in any games of golf at that Club except with the assistance of the automotive locomotion;

c) In the case of a temporary disability a letter from the player’s Club confirming that the player does not presently participate in any games of golf at that Club except with the assistance of transportation and nominating the period for that permission to use transportation is granted. Copies of this paperwork, for each individual claiming medical exemption, for the whole season, should be supplied to the DGA Captain prior to the start of the season (email: jimbev@iinet.net.au). Individuals claiming temporary exemption for individual matches should also present copies of the appropriate paperwork to the Match Committee of the day, if requested.

Exception 2: A member of the Match Committee may utilise any locomotion to transport a player or players in the interest of improving pace-of-play, where necessary, without penalty.

Exception 3: This rule does not apply in Senior Handicap or Senior Scratch Pennant.

The DGA Match Committee accepts no responsibility for the availability of any transportation, or as to whether or not permission is granted to use any transportation at Host Clubs.

Penalty – Breach of this Condition will be forfeiture of the individual match by the player(s) breaching the rule.



The use of a mobile or portable phone by a competitor or his caddie, whilst on the golf course during an event, is distracting and inconsiderate. If the competitor or caddie is in the possession of a mobile or portable phone it should be turned off.  If the phone rings this is deemed to be in use and the Committee may take disciplinary action against the offending player, under Rule 1.2.  In particular, the Match Committee may disqualify a player if it finds that the player has committed serious misconduct.

If the phone has a distance measuring facility it may be used to measure distance only.  The ‘phone communication’ facility should be turned off.  In match play, the opponent should be informed if the player plans to use this facility.



The consumption of alcohol by a player or his caddie on the course during a match is prohibited.

Penalty – Breach of this Condition will be forfeiture of the individual match by the player(s) breaching the rule.



A club may protest in writing to the DGA Captain within two (2) days after a contest, stating why they consider an incident during a match or after a match should be reconsidered for possible overturning of an individual match or overall contest result. The club lodging the protest must also provide a copy of the protest to the host club and to the opposing team’s club captain on the same day it is lodged with the DGA.

The DGA Captain may determine the protest himself within his own right or refer it to the DGA Match Committee for further consideration. The DGA Captain or DGA Match Committee may determine the protest in any manner thought fit.

Protests cannot be lodged against a decision given by a host Club Match Committee on its interpretation of the Rules of Golf or Local Rules provided during play. A protest cannot be lodged against a decision of the Host Club Match Committee to order player(s) from the course under the slow play conditions outlined in these Conditions.



DGA Match Committee Nominee
(DGA MCN):                                            Nigel Powell
Fax:      c/- Federal Golf Club 02 6285 3140
email:   nigel@fgc.com.au
Mobile: 0434 146 325

The ACT Monaro DGA will again be using the GolfBox software app for the 2020 Pennant season. It is expected captains/managers of teams will enter the player names into each contest and the result of each match after its conclusion.

Prior to the start of the season, club captains (or their representative) must email DGA MCN with the following details for each squad entered in the 2020 Pennant Divisions:

  1. a) the email and phone contact details of the Pennant team captain/manager.
  2. b) The name and Golflink No. of each member

Upon receipt of the details, the DGA MCN will load the information into GolfBox to assist captains/managers complete their tasks for each contest.

At the conclusion of a contest, SMS the contest result to the DGA MCN.

Within Twenty Four Hours of the conclusion of the contest the WINNING Club, or in the event of a tied result, the first named club in the draw must notify the full results to the DGA MCN. If results are not received within the stated time the offending club(s) may have one Pennant Table point deducted for each offence.

Result sheets are to be faxed, scanned then emailed or photographed then emailed or “texted” (from a mobile phone).



Any club that withdraws from any division of Pennant after the final draw has been compiled and circulated may be prohibited from participating in that division of Pennant for up to two years.

If a club withdraws from the Pennant competition at any time during the season any team scheduled to play that club in preliminary rounds shall be awarded a forfeit and awarded the maximum Pennant table and match points. All previous contest results involving the club that withdraws from the Pennant program shall stand.



Dress rules. Each club entering a team in a Pennant competition and the manager of each team should ensure that team members comply with the dress regulations of the host club. The host club has the right to refuse any player entry on to the course or into the clubhouse if such players do not conform to the dress rules of the host club.   Note: The penalty for non-compliance would be no start or disqualification.

Equipment. It is recommended that team managers check with host clubs prior to the contest and enquire whether a condition requiring buggies to be equipped with wide wheels or a restriction relating to metal spikes in golf shoes applies.

Practice rounds. The availability of practice rounds prior to Pennant contests at host clubs and the setting of any associated green fees are at the discretion of the host club.

Logos. Tasteful and appropriate logos on individual players team uniforms are acceptable.