12 June 2020

The following is a copy of the email sent by the DGA President to all clubs following the latest easing of COVID-19 restrictions in the ACT:

Good afternoon everyone

While this information specifically relates to golf clubs in the ACT, I have forwarded this to all clubs for information.

I participated in the ACT Sports and Recreation Directorate Webinar this afternoon in which we were provided with an update on announcements made by the ACT Chief Minister earlier today.

The essential messages/changes are:

  • The ACT will enter Phase 2.2 with an easing of certain restrictions with effect midday on Friday 19 June 2020.  Until then existing restrictions remain in place as previously advised.
  • The main easing of restrictions relates to the participation in community sport, which now means from midday 19 June 2020, groups of up to 100 persons may participate in community sporting activities in either an indoor or outdoor venue.
  • Community change rooms and canteens may now operate from midday 19 June 2020.
  • Continuation of the requirements around appropriate spatial considerations of 1 person per 4 square metres for the calculation of the maximum numbers permissible, and the need for continued vigilance around personal, equipment and facility hygiene and cleaning remain paramount.
  • Where spectators become involved, the requirement that they maintain a minimum of 1.5m separation continues.
  • Clubs should now review their COVID-safe Plans and make necessary adjustments.
  • The Chief Minister also mentioned that it is anticipated that should things continue to improve, then the ACT could move to Phase 3 from around 10 July, but this will be subject to separate advice.

I must stress that the opening and operation of licenced facilities and privately operated food and beverage facilities are subject to separate advice and clubs should seek guidance on this matter from the relevant agency.  My reference above to Community Change Rooms and Canteens relates to those volunteer-based organisations that some sporting clubs may operate.

Clubs in the ACT are encouraged to visit the ACT Sports and Recreation website for more detailed FAQS and related information.  It is expected this website will be updated later this afternoon.

Golf NSW has updated their FAQs and clubs are encouraged to refer to these as well.

In the meantime, clubs should review their operating procedures in light of this latest advice and take any actions they deem appropriate to ensure compliance by the effective date of midday Friday 19 June 2020.

Garry Heald, AM
ACT-Monaro District Golf Association


1 April 2020

As you know, on behalf of the ACT-M DGA I have been liaising with and providing advice to the ACT Government through the Directorate of Sport & Recreation to help inform the position the ACT Government might take on the continued participation in golf following the Prime Minister’s announcements on Sunday evening.  I would like to thank those clubs that have contacted me directly to advise me on the measures and arrangements that are currently in place at their club.  That input has been instrumental in enabling the Government to maintain broad awareness about what we are doing across the golfing sector to comply with the Government’s requirements.

Overnight you will have seen that the NSW Government has changed its position in regard to the continued participation in golf with the announcement by the Police Commissioner and the NSW Premier now advising that golf is permissible.  That decision has also informed the ACT Government on its stance.

The ACT Government has this afternoon issued the following advice in relation to the continued operation of golf:

Relative to sport and recreation, the following restrictions enforcing closure are in place at Monday 30 March 2020:

  • gyms and indoor sporting venues
  • amusement parks, arcades and play centres (indoor and outdoor)
  • health clubs, fitness centres, yoga, barre and spin facilities, saunas, bathhouses and wellness centres and swimming pools
  • community facilities such as community halls, libraries and youth centres, RSL and PCYC
  • One-on-one personal training (i.e. trainer and client) can be conducted outdoors while observing physical distancing. Boot camps can no longer proceed

 As golf falls outside of these restrictions, it may proceed. However, it should not be business as usual.

All mitigation measures should be put in place to lower the risk of disease transmission. In particular, you must ensure that golf activity in any place where there is a gathering of people does not have a density of more than one person per 4m2 and people must not participate in groups greater than two individuals at any point in time.

Participants who are aged over 70, aged over 65 with pre-existing condition or indigenous people aged over 50 with pre-existing conditions are advised to stay home wherever possible for their own protection.

The situation is evolving rapidly. These restrictions may change.

Individual golf clubs are advised to use their own discretion in deciding to remain open or closed based on individual circumstances related to COVID-19.

This advice will be released to media outlets by Sport & Recreation later this afternoon.

The DGA strongly encourages all ACT-based clubs to put in place and abide by the social distancing and other requirements described above, as well as having regard to the other control measures and rule changes previously promulgated and authorised by the R&A, Golf Australia and Golf NSW.  NSW-based clubs should ensure they comply with the latest advice issued by the NSW Government.

We can expect to be watched by others and it is imperative that we DO THE RIGHT THING so that participation in golf may continue.

Garry Heald, AM
ACT-Monaro District Golf Association



31 March 2020

Golf NSW has recently released the following email providing additional advice to NSW-based clubs concerning their recommendation that golf courses close and golfing activity should cease with immediate effect.



30 March 2020

Golf Australia and Golf NSW have this afternoon recommended that golf clubs should close with effect midnight tonight and remain closed until advised otherwise by the relevant Government.

I have attempted to determine the position of the ACT Government on this, but as at the time of writing I have yet to receive a response.  Given that the Chief Minister Andrew Barr has stated on numerous occasions that the ACT will invariably adopt similar arrangements to those in NSW, I do not see much likelihood that the ACT might adopt a non-aligning position.  I am sorry that I cannot provide more definitive advice as far as the ACT situation is concerned.  Should I hear from the ACT Government I will of course, let you all know.

The DGA cannot and does not direct the closure of any club, this is purely the dissemination of the advice issued by Golf Australia and Golf NSW to support the decision-making of clubs.

For your information, the advice from both Golf Australia and Golf NSW is provided at the following links:

Whilst disappointing news to us all, I wish to thank clubs and management for the way in which they have embraced the various guidance that has been available to date, and which has enabled us to continue to participate in our game for as long we have.  I sincerely hope that clubs are able to emerge from the other side whenever that may be, and I wish you and your staff all the very best for the weeks and months ahead.

As and when other updates are provided, I will email them directly and also have them placed on the DGA website.

Garry Heald, AM
President ACT-M DGA


28 March 2020

The following is a link to the email released by Golf NSW providing advice to those clubs conducting Sand Green events



(25 March 2020)

The following is an email released by the DGA President to Clubs, GMs and CEOs this afternoon:

Good afternoon Club Presidents, GMs and CEOs

Since the announcements last night by the Prime Minister where additional restrictions have been declared, I have been in contact with Golf NSW to determine if there are to be any additional impacts on our ability to continue to participate in club golfing events.

I am pleased to advise that advice received from both Golf Australia and Golf NSW (after their consultation with State and Federal Sports Ministers) is that golf can continue to be played while we all strictly adhere to the social distancing measures as announced by the Federal Govt, and in conjunction with the relevant state/territory licensing laws.  ACT Sport and Recreation confirmed to me this afternoon that the guidance issued by GA, Golf NSW and the R&A to support the continuation of club level golf is in alignment with the current intentions set out by the Federal/State/Territory Governments.

Golf Pro Shops may also continue to operate so long as there is strict compliance with social-spatial distancing regulations.

I am aware that most, if not all clubs, have put in place additional measures as recommended by the R&A, Golf Australia and Golf NSW in order to minimise the risk of transmission.  I encourage clubs to continue to apply these and any other measures that may be released from time to time.

By its very nature, golf enables us to practice the spatial distancing requirements generally without too much inconvenience, and the other measures recently applied at clubs will support our quest to continue to enjoy our game – so long as we all adhere to the requirements!

I will continually monitor the various regulatory and other forums in the event there are changes to this recent guidance.  Until then, I hope we continue to abide by the rules and enjoy the opportunity golf gives us all to get out into the fresh air, enjoy each other’s company and the healthy benefits golf provides.

Please note, that this is the situation and position today.  As we know we are in an incredibly dynamic and fluid environment with changes happening at great speed.  This guidance may well change in the future and we will continue to be led by the directions at Federal/State and Territory levels.

Garry Heald, AM

ACT-Monaro District Golf Association


(24 March 2020)

Significant changes, including restrictions came into force nationally on Monday 23 March 2020.

It remains the very strong recommendation of the ACT-M DGA that clubs actively monitor the advice from the Australian Government’s Department of Health and the relevant State/Territory Health Department as appropriate, over the coming days and weeks.

Attached is a series of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) issued by the ACT Government today.  While this is a general set of FAQ covering sport in general within the ACT, golf clubs in particular should take notice of Point 1 – Can community sport and physical activity continue at this time?

A range of advice has recently been issued by the Royal and Ancient, Golf Australia and Golf NSW.  This advice to designed to assist clubs in their efforts to ensure we can continue to participate in golf events.  Clubs are encouraged to consider these advisories and take action as appropriate to their club situation.




The Executive Committee has decided to suspend the 2020 DGA Men’s Pennant series.

The DGA announcement is located here (ANNOUNCEMENT)

The District Captain –Jim Jackson — is currently reviewing various options relating to this suspension.

At present, the remainder of the season should be considered as postponed and not cancelled.  Jim hopes to have more information posted on to the site in the near future