Tied 3 – 3 after 6 matches, it came down to the final match to determine the Junior Pennant champions for 2020. And what a match it was – decided on the 20th hole no less!

The final match (I have now been advised) was actually between Will Maciver (Fairbairn) who overcame a very strong challenge by Angus Jones (Federal) on the 20th hole, which followed an equally tenacious win on the 21st hole by Julian Aytona (Fairbairn GC) who was successful over Lia Liddicoat-Choi (Federal GC).

This final was clearly a most memorable match played between two very competitive teams with no doubt considerable pressure on both sides.

Congratulations to to all players for a great, but disrupted season, and especially to Fairbairn GC for securing the 2020 Junior Pennant.

(Winning team photo to be published when received)