From ACT Captain Jim Jackson –To all ACT Golf Clubs — please see the information below about the latest offer of financial support from Sport Australia.  This has been sent to us from GolfNSW.   It looks like there is a lot of money available.  See last paragraph for possible areas where grants could be applied.

Sport Australia (previously the Australian Sports Commission) has released
the Community Sport Infrastructure Grant Program which will fund from a
budget of $29.7 million, minor capital projects of a small to medium scale,
particularly with improvements to existing sport infrastructure.

The program aims to ensure more Australians have access to quality sport
infrastructure, encouraging greater community participation in sport and
physical activity.

Three grant streams are available:

* Stream 1:       Up to $50,000
* Stream 2:       $50,001 to $200,000
* Stream 3:       $200,001 to $500,000

We strongly encourage all clubs and facilities to consider applying.


* Applications Close:                                     14 September
* Notification of successful applications:       1 November 2018
* Expected completion date of projects:        30 June 2019

The grant has two guiding themes:

1. Community Sporting Hubs – the use of infrastructure by new and
diverse community groups to extend beyond those just participating in the
sport by positioning the facility as the new “town hall”
2. Inclusion – innovative upgrades that offer welcoming, inclusive and
accessible participation opportunities for all members of the community
including women and girls, multi-cultural communities and people of all

The application can support one or both themes or propose an additional
innovation to increase participation.

Applications will be assessed against three selection criteria:

1. Community Participation
2. Community Need
3. Project Design and Delivery

* Co-contributions (including in-kind) will be considered favourably
and scored higher where co-contributions exist for projects
* An application can be made with identified partners to increase the
capacity to deliver the project
* The development of a national clubs and facilities future planning
strategy is a strategic priority for Golf Australia within its 2018-2021
Strategic Plan

Examples of eligible projects may include:

* Upgrades to playing surfaces, including multi-sport upgrades and
resurfacing that supports increased use
* Building, expanding and/or upgrading change rooms, particularly for
girls and women and officials’ areas
* External entry/exit accessible amenities
* Improved sports lighting and safety lighting, including installation
of solar panels
* Improvements to ground and court capacity that support increased use
* Improvements to spectator amenities
* Internal / external amenity uplift

Go to the Golf NSW web site for further information

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