The current ACTM DGA’s Order of Merit Competition (ACTMOOM) was started 3 years ago to encourage District golfers, especially those on lower handicaps, to participate in the main Club Open events around the district.  To make it attractive the DGA provided voucher prizes of ,000, 0 and 0 for the top 3 places.  In some respects it has proved successful in that 10-20 of the ‘gun golfers’ now play in many of the District’s Open events – whereas this was not happening previously.   More recently though interest seems to have lapsed a little and the event is seen mainly as another event for “elite golfers”.  It could be argued that the DGA is spending an inordinately large part of its competition funds on a very small group of elite golfers.  Realistically, only about 10-20 of the districts players, with handicaps close to scratch, can win the competition.  Many of these are the same individuals that already receive lots of financial support from the DGA in the Inter-district Challenges, the Junior Boys Open and Junior Boys Interstate series.

A related issue is that the local ACT Government’s Sports and Recreation Department (now known as ACTIVE CANBERRA) is promoting increased participation in sport. In the future any grants that we may apply for will need to demonstrate that we have taken action to increase participation in golf.   As currently structured the current ACTMOOM Competition is unlikely to achieve that.

An OPTION for change

After discussions amongst the DGA Committee, the Match Committee and some of the current participants we are proposing to re-design the competition to:

  1. a) make it more attractive to all levels of golf in the district, by introducing a Nett Division, in addition to the Gross Division; and
  2. b) encourage the District’s clubs to become more involved by introducing an inter-club competition that will be run in conjunction with the individual events.

A NEW ACTMOOM (2018 on)

1) The Competition will still comprise the accumulated points awarded for individual performances (position) at the 14-15 Club Opens around the District (see list at end of this document).  It will continue to be a stroke competition. As now, participants will be able to play in as few, or as many, events as they wish.

2) We will retain the gross (scratch) division, but there will also be a nett (handicap) division.  Prizes for both competitions will be of the same value and will probably comprise a significant cash voucher, an embroidered vest/jumper and a trophy, for major place-getters in the two divisions.  Scores from participants will be entered into both divisions, but individuals will only be eligible to win one major prize.

3) Only ACT-M DGA Club Golfers (with a valid GA handicap) will be eligible to enter.  To assist in the management of the scheme, we would like individuals to enter/register for the OOM through the DGA’s new competition software (GolfBox via the District’s web site There will be no charge to register, but those that register through GolfBox will receive a BONUS points.  Other individuals may join the Competition by just entering any of the specified individual Open events, but they WILL NOT receive any Bonus Points.

4) There will also be a BEST CLUB COMPETITION run in conjunction with the individual Competitions – points awarded to individual players for their results in the Nett Division will be tallied against their own Club — so the more members from a club that enter the more that club stands a chance of winning the ‘Best Club’ Division.   A trophy for the Best Club(s) for the year will be awarded.

Probably, there will need to be separate groups for smaller and larger clubs.

5) In contrast to the current system, there will only be one tier (c.f. currently 2) and the same points will be awarded at each event and points will be awarded to all who successfully complete an event.

What is the DGA looking for from your club?

Mostly support to —

  1. a) Promote this Competition at your Club to your members.
  2. b) Encourage your members to register for this Competition.
  3. c) Encourage your members to play in the various District’s Open events.

The support of your Club is crucial for this new initiative to succeed, so it is important for you to advise me that you do, or do not, support this initiative.

CURRENT LIST OF EVENTS for the 2018 ACTMOOM include:

3 Dec 2017                            Yass Open

20/21 Jan 2018                   Gold Creek Classic

3 Feb                                      Queanbeyan Open

4 March                                 Crookwell Open, (probably NOT included as this clashes with Pennants)

29 April                                 Braidwood Open

4/5 May                                 MCC Open

19 May                                   Bombala Open

9 Sept                                     Yowani Open

15/16 Sept                            Goulburn Cup

22/23 Sept                            Gungahlin Lakes Open

13/14 Oct                             Belconnen Open

27/28 Oct                             Cooma Open

3/4 Nov                                 Fairbairn Open

18 Nov                                   RMC Open

25 Nov                                   District Championships – final event – at RCGC

Note: Due to their strict entry requirements, we feel that both the RCGC Easter Event and the Federal Open probably are not suitable events to include in this list.  

Jim Jackson,

ACT-Monaro DGA, Captain, 12.12.2017.  mob: 0422 913 495