These conditions are specific to both Senior Scratch and Handicap Pennant, but are to be read in conjunction with the 2019 Pennant Conditions: General Conditions applying to all Grades.

The Match Committee of the ACT Monaro District Golf Association reserves the right to alter or vary these Conditions at any time.


In the Scratch Competition players may be listed in any order. In the Handicap Division, players must be listed in ascending order of handicap on the Team sheet for players 1-6 (1-7 in finals), i.e. lowest handicap plays at No 1.  Players with the same playing handicap can play in any order.   Teams will hit off in reverse order to the Team list (i.e. in Preliminary rounds No 6 player first and No 1 player last).


Age limits

A player is eligible to play in Senior Masters Pennant provided he has reached the age of 50 years on the date of play.

Clubs with two teams in Handicap Division

Where a club has two teams competing in the Handicap Division, players may only represent one team throughout the season, including final series, (i.e. players are not interchangeable between teams).


A maximum GA handicap limit of 27.0 will apply for the Senior Handicap Division and the handicap used will be the player’s GA handicap on the day of play, adjusted for the slope rating of the host course.

Penalty – The Team fielding a player who plays off a higher handicap not in accordance with these Conditions, shall forfeit the Individual Match to the opposing Team.

Allocation of handicap strokes

In Senior Handicap Pennant the order of holes at which handicap strokes are to be given or received shall be in accordance with the Member’s or Men’s Match Play Index as applicable on the Score Card of the Host Club.

Where these Conditions require a Handicap Match Play match that ends all square after 18 holes to continue the play-off should start at the hole where the match began (i.e. the 1st hole) and handicap strokes should be allowed as in the prescribed round until one player wins a hole.


Scratch Division 

The top four teams at the end of the Preliminary Rounds will contest the Semi-Finals: Semi Final A — the team finishing first will play the team finishing fourth; Semi Final B — the team finishing 2nd will play the team finishing 3rd. The winners of the Semi Finals will contest the Final.

Handicap Division             

At the end of the preliminary rounds the top four teams from each Group will contest the quarter finals — Team 1 (home venue) will play Team 4 and Team 2 (home venue) will play Team 3.  Following the quarter finals the two winning teams from Group 1 and Group 2 will contest the semi finals; Semi Final A — winner of Group 1 (team 1 v 4) plays winner of Group 2 (team 2 v 3), Semi Final B — winner of Group 2 (team1 v 4) plays winner of Group 1 (team 2v3). The winners of the Semi Finals will contest the Final.


Players are permitted to ride on any form of automotive locomotion during the play of a hole. The DGA Match Committee accepts no responsibility for the availability of motorised transport, or whether or not permission is granted to use personal mechanical transport at Host Clubs.