The DGA runs an Order-of-Merit Competition (OOM) each year.  This event has been running for four years now and is similar to the USA’s FEDEX Cup, where individual players accumulate points from playing in selected events over the year.

The ACT-Monaro Competition is based on points awarded on the results secured at most of the District Clubs annual OPEN events.

Following the completion of the 2019 OOM competition, the DGA Captain, Jim Jackson conducted a review of the event which included considerable input from players.  A number of very good ideas were proposed and some of these have been incorporated into the revised format for the 2020 season.  We would like to thank all who offered ideas for their very valuable input.

First of all you will notice we have agreed to specific branding of the OOM Competition. It is hoped that this specific branding will firstly catch your eye, and secondly highlight the event as one worthy of separate and specific recognition.

We have aimed to further ensure that the two categories of competition: stroke and nett, are seen to be as fair as possible for all.  A key objective is that the OOM competition recognises the consistent performance of golfers over time.  For this reason, the previous allocation of double points for the final round has been removed.

We have continued with the general limitation that a player may only win one major event, for example, if a player were to win the stroke and also win the nett competition, he could only win the more prestigious event, being the stroke competition.  In this way, the maximum number of players can be competitive across both categories.

To be eligible to win a major prize, individual players must have played in a minimum of 3 rounds during the season, before the final round.

To help promote the event and provide as many means as practical to keep golfers up to date about event happenings, we have lunched a DGA Order of Merit Competition Facebook site.  You can connect to the Facebook site from this link (OOM Facebook site) and other links available on the DGA website.  Please visit the site, hopefully you will “Like” the site and we welcome feedback about the site.

The first OOM event for 2020 is this weekend with the Gold Creek Classic and Bowl competitions.  For those entered you will notice some advertising of the OOM event at various locations around the Gold Creek course.  These posters will be set up at all OOM events this year.

The revised Conditions of Play for the OOM are available on the DGA webiste by following this link: OOM Conditions of Play

Finally we would like to thank Jim Jackson, (District Captain) and a couple of players who have put their hand up to help get the new format off the ground.  Jonathon Ricks and Shane Seaton have done some great work together and created the new OOM logo and the posters that will be on display at each event.  Thanks to you both and to all the other golfers who happily sent emails with ideas and suggestions.

We hope the 2020 season of the OOM is an even more interesting and exciting event that last years!