1)             These events are only open to amateur men golfers who are playing members of an ACT-Monaro District Golf Club and meet the following two criteria:

  1. a) Hold a current GA handicap; and
  2. b) Are eligible to play in the various Club Opens Events listed below; and pay the appropriate entry fee for any event they enter.

Note:  a member of an ACTM Club, that has a home club outside the District, will only be included in the OOMs if they advise the OOM Coordinator by email that they wish to be considered in the OOM, stating their home club and their ACTM club.

Entry into the OOM will be automatic when the results from an individual Open Competition from Golflink are entered into the ACT-M DGA’s GolfBox Competition software system.



2)             The leading players in both the Scratch and Handicap events will be encouraged to play in the final event — the ACT-M District Championships (Dec).  The top ~10 players in the Scratch and Handicap event will be exempt from any handicap ballots that may apply for this event, as the field size is sometimes limited.  To be eligible to win a major prize individual players must have played in a minimum of 3 rounds during the season, before the Final Round.



3)             These competitions will be based on points awarded for individual performances at a selection of ACT-M Club Open events during 2020 — as listed below (this list may be varied).


1)             Gold Creek Classic (Scratch) & Bowl (Nett)                         Jan

2)             Queanbeyan Open                                                                   Feb

3)             Royal Canberra Easter event (CANCELLED)                    April

4)             Braidwood Open (CANCELLED)                                          May

5)             Murrumbidgee Open                                                               May

6)             Bombala Open                                                                          May

7)             Yowani Open                                                                             May

8)             Gungahlin Lakes Open                                                           September

9)             Goulburn Cup                                                                            September

10)          Crookwell Open?                                                                       ?October

11)          Coolamatong Open                                                                    October

12)          Belconnen Open                                                                         October

13)          Fairbairn Open                                                                           October

14)          Cooma Open                                                                                November

15)          RMC Open                                                                                    November

16)          Yass Open                                                                                     November

17)          DISTRICT CHAMPIONSHIPS (at Gun Lakes)                     December

18)          An event at Federal?                                                                 TBC



4)             Points Structure

Points will be awarded to individual players for positions gained in individual Open events.

The same scale of points will be awarded at each event, regardless of the number of days involved.

For the Scratch Event: Individual players final points total will comprise the total of his best 7 rounds accrued from all events played in the season.

For the Handicap Event: Individual players final points total will comprise the total of his best 5 rounds accrued from all events played in the season.


The Competition committee reserves the right to exclude a particular event if the number of competitors that take-part is not sufficiently large to ensure a reasonable challenge for points.

Players finishing tied for a position in an event will all receive equal points for that position, i.e. if 3 people finish tied 2nd, then they share 2nd, 3rd and 4th points (111.7 points). Exception:  if there is a play-off for first then the play-off winner receives 1st place points and the others receive 2nd place points.  No points will be awarded to anyone who does not finish an event (i.e. individuals designated as N/A, when the results are obtained from GolfLink).

1st               150 points

2nd                125

3rd                 110

4th             100

5th                95

6th                90

7th             85

8th             80

9th             75

10th          70

11th          67

12th          64

13th          61

14th          58

15th          55

16th          52

17th          49

18th          46

19th          43

20th          40

21st          38

22nd         35

23rd          32

24th          29

25th          26

26th          23

27th          20

28th          17

29th          14

30th          11

all others 5 points


The same scale of point allocation will apply in both the SCRATCH and HANDICAP Competitions.


5) Final Results Determination & Prizes.

ACTMDGA OOM CHAMPION and ACTMDGA HANDICAP WINNER – will be awarded to the player with the most points (in their respective groups) at the conclusion of the Competition.  However, winners of major prizes in Scratch will not be eligible to win major prizes in Handicap.

There will be a Perpetual Trophy, with the gross winner name engraved on it.

This person will also receive an embroidered Golf “Jacket” plus a significant prize voucher.  The nett winner will also be awarded a significant voucher.  Voucher prizes for Runners-up and 3rd places will also be awarded.

In the unlikely event of a tie at the end of the Competition, positions will be determined as follows:

Ÿ Placing in the Final Event – the District Championships, if still tied then;

Ÿ Number of events played, if still tied then;

Ÿ Other criteria designated by the Competition Committee.

Individuals can only win one major prize (i.e. they cannot win both Scratch and Handicap prizes)


All events in the competition shall be played in accordance with the Rules of Golf as adopted by R&A Rules Ltd., together with such local rules as are in force on the courses being played.



6)             The Competition will be under the control of the ACTMOOM Competition Committee (CC). This will comprise the Captain of the ACT-Monaro DGA and the Co-ordinator of the Competition, together with any of their appointees.

The CC has complete control of this event and reserves the right to vary conditions should it be deemed necessary.  Decisions made by the CC shall be final.


All individual Open Events are under the control of the hosting Golf Club.



7)             Compilation of the results will be managed by the ACTMOOM Co-ordinator.

The Co-coordinator for 2020 will be Simon Dunstone (DGA Match Committee)  mobile:  0435 359 526.


M. J. Jackson, ACT-M DGA Captain, 11/4/2020